WP1: Requirements and nature of behavioural biases2022-09-29T12:49:23+00:00
WP2: Policy interventions and pilots design2022-09-29T12:50:06+00:00
WP3: Intervention preparation and execution2022-09-29T12:50:54+00:00

D3.1 Specifications of preparatory actions for RCT, surveys and serious game

D3.2 Implementation of preparatory actions for RCT, surveys and serious game

D3.3 Data collection and management

WP4: Econometric analysis and policy evaluation2022-09-29T12:51:21+00:00

D4.1 Analytical qualitative and quantitative tools requirements (econometric models)

D4.2 Econometric analysis and robustness tests

D4.3 Updated econometric methodologies and robustness tests

D4.4 Analytical usage handbooks for tools and datasets

WP5: Policy measures2022-09-29T12:08:10+00:00

D5.1 Impact evaluation plan and policy measures

D5.2 Updated impact evaluation plan and policy measures

D5.3 Data Documentation

D5.4 Updated Data documentation

WP6: Prototyping and integration2022-09-29T12:51:50+00:00

D6.1 Architecture, design and integration documentation

D6.2 Crowdsourcing Tools of EVIDENT platform

D6.3 Gamification Tools of EVIDENT platform

D6.4 Datahub Services of EVIDENT platform

D6.5 Verification and Validation Report for final version of EVIDENT platform

WP7: Dissemination and exploitation2022-09-29T12:52:12+00:00

D7.1 Project Communication Kit

D7.2 Report on dissemination and impact assessment

D7.3 Update on dissemination and impact assessment report

D7.4 Exploitation and market analysis report

D7.5 Update on exploitation and market analysis report

WP8: Project management2022-09-29T12:52:28+00:00

D8.1 Project Management Handbook

D8.2 Project Scientific/Technical Plan

D8.3 Data Management Plan

D8.4 First Periodic Report

D8.5 Second Periodic Report

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