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The EVIDENT Platform offers significant advantages for users, researchers, and policymakers alike. Developed by the EVIDENT consortium, it enables the design and implementation of online lab experiments through its dual-role system for organizers and participants. With access to a wide array of applications, including surveys and serious games, organizers can craft custom e-lab experiments tailored to their research goals. Participants benefit from a user-friendly registration process, which grants them access to an array of intriguing experiments. Meanwhile, researchers enjoy the advantage of harnessing diverse and anonymized data, propelling their studies forward with confidence. Policymakers are given the opportunity to exploit the insights gleaned from such experiments by drafting informed data-driven policies, bridging the gap between scientific discovery and real-world impact. By fostering a collaborative and innovative environment, EVIDENT Platform empowers all stakeholders in shaping a brighter, more informed future.

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The EVIDENT Serious Game is now available on Android and iOS.

How can the platform be used for research?

Host Experiments, Surveys and Games

Access data from previous research

Gather participants for experiments

Share your research with scientists and policy makers

What research methodologies are offered by the platform?

Leverage a rich selection of question types, from multiple choice and open-ended to rating scales, and elevate your questionnaires with advanced features like skip logic and branching. Create and customize your questionnaires with our user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, giving them a unique touch.

EVIDENT Platform seamlessly combines questionnaires with immersive serious games. Studies can be designed to lead users to engage with a serious game, while simultaneously collecting valuable data from their in-game experiences.

Through an easy-to-use interface, you can easily share your study via email, social media, or embed them on your website. This way you can reach a wider audience, engage diverse participants, and fuel your study with the power of social connectivity.

EVIDENT Platform streamlines the data collection process, capturing crucial insights from surveys and serious games alike. After users complete a study, all the generated data are collected and stored in various formats.

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