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Investigating behavioural biases in energy consumption

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EVIDENT reaches out to households, policy makers and scientific communities to investigate and promote energy efficiency


Explore the role of behavioural biases in energy efficiency


Deploy a digital platform to promote energy efficiency and support knowledge acquisition


Increase awareness and propose policy measures

    Blog posts

    Blog post 6 is released

    EVIDENT has just released its 6th blog post here! There you can find information about the market state, growth and potential of the data analytics services, which are used by […]

    Blog post 5 is out!

    The 5th blog post of the EVIDENT project is here! This month we discuss the EVIDENT’s take on serious games and the role they can play in behavioural interventions.

    Blog post #3 is out!

    The 3rd blog post of the EVIDENT project is here! This month we discuss about lab experiments and we present our sister projects.

    Milestone reached

    The EVIDENT project has reached a major milestone! The consortium has finished the implementation of the first field experiment. Read more information regarding the experiment design and progress here.