Investigating behavioural biases in energy consumption



EVIDENT focuses on explaining behaviour and identifying drivers for household energy consumption. The project will evaluate and propose policies to promote energy efficiency

EVIDENT aims to provide insights into energy efficiency policy interventions. Throughout the project, we will employ field trials, surveys, and serious games to examine behavioural biases and heuristics affecting consumers’ energy conservation. The outcomes will be used to evaluate and propose energy efficiency policy measures that will reduce energy consumption and accelerate energy-efficient technology diffusion.

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EVIDENT reaches out to households, policymakers and scientific communities to investigate and promote energy efficiency

Raise awareness about energy efficiency

EVIDENT designs and proposes interventions based on behavioural analysis

Provide insights for the role of behavioral biases

EVIDENT utilizes multiple tools will be used for conducting the empirical research

Contribute to the empirical research

Use state-of-the-art analytical methods, provide open data and code, and provide the EVIDENT platform an easy to access environment for conducting research

Propose policy implications

Create short notes regarding results and ways for implementation and participate in events for raising the importance of behavioral biases in policy design

    Use cases

    EVIDENT employs five use cases as pilot scenarios for the project’s research activities. For each use case, the research questions, experimental designs, participant recruitment, measures, ethics and quality factors are presented.

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    We seek to increase knowledge of the role of behavioural interventions in energy efficiency. For this reason, the project’s use cases will consist of experiments considering several factors to support high-quality results. This experiment-focused approach will allow EVIDENT to answer a number of key questions regarding the role of behavioural interventions on consumer energy behaviours.

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