Dear Reader, welcome to the first newsletter of the Horizon 2020 bEhaVioral Insights anD Effective eNergy policy acTions (EVIDENT) project. EVIDENT is EU Funded Research and Innovation Project and this first newsletter provides a short introduction. We hope you will find the contents of this newsletter interesting, and your comments and suggestions are always appreciated.


Introduction to EVIDENT

Project Information

Acronym: EVIDENT

GA number: 957117

Call topic: LC-SC3-EC-4-2020

Start date: 1/12/2020

Duration: 36 months

EVIDENT started in December 2020 and is a three-year project which aims to define the main drivers of individuals’ decision making and to establish new relationships between energy consumption and other fields such as financial literacy. In this context, the researchers will conduct several different case studies under the framework of randomized control trials (RCTs) and surveys. All designed, developed, and tested technologies will consider the latest related research findings and maintain compliance with current industry standards. The project brings together 9 partners across Europe including research institutes, academia, industry and SMEs.



The project has the following objectives:

  1. To create a framework for assessing the role of behavioural insights in energy efficiency using a wide range of case studies, experiments, surveys, in conjunction with state-of-the-art econometric methods and big data analytics.
  2. To develop a platform for raising energy efficiency awareness and support better decision making and policy implementation.
  3. To enable future research related to behavioural biases and heuristics in energy efficiency by creating a methodology and data hub.
  4. To contribute to energy efficiency policy implementation by evaluating and proposing specific policy interventions for increasing energy efficiency.
  5. To design and construct five large scale pilots across Europe, including well developed and developing countries in the energy efficient systems.
  6. To enable wide communication and scientific dissemination of the project’s innovative results to industry, energy communities, and policy actors.
  7. To design an innovative business model and conduct a cost benefit techno-economic analysis to strengthen the role of behavioural insights in energy efficiency policy interventions.


Use cases

EVIDENT project will design and implement 5 different large scale use cases (pilot scenarios) for estimating the impact of several policy interventions proposed in the energy efficiency literature:

  • Use case 1: Estimate the impact of energy consumption feedback to the consumers in terms of energy savings.
  • Use case 2: Estimate the relative effectiveness of interventions like peer comparison feedback.
  • Use case 3: Investigate the role of big data in assessing the impact of behavioural insights in energy.
  • Use case 4: Examine the relation of energy consumption behavioural biases with consumers’ financial literacy level.
  • Use case 5: Investigate and exploit energy demand curves.


EVIDENT has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 957117. The information contained in this newsletter reflects only the authors’ view. EC is not responsible for any use that may be made of this information. EVIDENT website.