A lab experiment is one that is carried out under highly controlled settings in order to obtain precise measurements. In EVIDENT, a researcher selects where and when the experiment will take place, as well as who will participate and under what conditions. A Lab Experiment in the context of the EVIDENT platform may consist of one or more applications/steps such as a) survey, b) Serious Game, or c) oTree application. We should note that, the terms “Lab experiment” and “Session” have the same meaning in the EVIDENT platform.

EVIDENT platform will support a wide range of distinct functionalities, necessitating the use of a well-defined, easily scalable component-based architecture. These functionalities derive from the system requirements and play a key role on the development process but also on the commercialization of the project’s results. More details can be found in EVIDENT Deliverable 6.1: “Architecture, design, and integration documentation” which will be publicly available soon. Generally, we distinguish between 2 types of requirements: Functional and non-functional.

  1. Functional requirements describe what the system can do. They correspond to the functionalities of the platform and they are taken into account throughout the development process. Functional requirements define what are the prospects, features, options, inputs and outputs of the system.
  2. Non-functional requirements describe how the system manages to accommodate the functional requirements. Another way to look at it, is that they describe how the system works. As a result they capture the qualitative aspects of the platform and define its usability.

EVIDENT Platform Architecture

EVIDENT Functional Requirements

EVIDENT Non-functional requirements

EVIDENT provides the necessary tools to conduct lab experiments, while also supports a wide variety of experiment designs. Similarly, they are other solutions which address similar problems, especially in the online survey ecosystem. Below we present some of those tools which include but are not limited to Survey monkey, Google survey, Survey Sparrow and SogoSurvey.

We also illustrate some sister projects, which have received funding by the EU, and they share similar goals, objectives, methodologies or approaches with EVIDENT project.

Similar tools with EVIDENT

EVIDENT sister projects